Evoque Shortage?

Source:  http://www.autonews.com/article/20120205/BLOG06/120209871/land-rover-dealers-want-more-evoques&SectionCat=BLOG06

It looks like that Land Rover has a hit on their hands.  Not only did the Range Rover Evoque win 2012 North American Truck Of The Year, the  demand is so great that there is a shortage of Evoques.  This shortage is also aggravating a conflict between big dealers in the East coast and  smaller dealers in the West who fight over existing Evoque stock.

“There have been public cries of ‘not fair.’ Land Rover management thought the issue was hot enough that it tried to quiet dealer worries about East Coast dealers getting more than their fair share in Las Vegas at the dealer meeting this weekend at the National Automobile Dealers convention.” [Read More]

The shortage is so bad, one particular dealership has a two-month order backlog.  On the flip side, it is better to have a shortage and high demand rather than excess inventory and low demand. 

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